Person Centered Training Institute


The three-day person centered care (PCC) institute is to provide influential members of each of these three stakeholder groups with a shared set of skills and tools to enable patients to play a key role in their futures. The PCC approach is unique because it requires that healthcare professionals garner information from patients about their preferences for care. In doing so, patients are able to take charge of their lives to the extent that they can and experience feelings of self-agency. As a result, patients are also more receptive to the transition. This is a train-the-trainer institute, meaning that it will be structured to provide tools and resources for both executing PCC and teaching the techniques to their colleagues.

  • Foster improved communication skills among the three major professional groups associated with transitional care.
  • Improve the skill sets of person-centered care among transitional professionals across the three major professional groups.
  • Provide tools and resources to that equip participants with the skills to train their co-workers and colleagues.
  • Ensure that participants adopt the person-centered care model as a permanent and sustainable aspect of their practice.

Motivational Interviewing 

How does Motivational Interviewing work?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a clinically proven, client centered, goal directed, effective style of talking to people about changing their behavior. Developed by Drs. Bill Miller and Steve Rollnick. MI involves learning to use simple but powerful techniques that help to quickly engage and focus clients, allowing them to explore their own motivation, ambivalence, and resistance to change and to efficiently guide them toward more desirable behavior. – Bill Matulich, PhD, MI Trainer

What can I expect from MI training?

  • Learn to recognize all the elements of MI in demonstrations.
  • Learn to coach a client through ambivalence to change using open questions and affirmations.
  • Learn to increase client understanding and commitment to constructive behavior using reflections and summaries of the client’s own language to evoke change language in the client.
  • Gain extended access to MI experts through forum and email.
  • Gain continued access to online resources to enhance learning of MI.
  • Get continued support and coaching from peers through the forum and direct networking in communities of learning.