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To access the Online Learning Community:


We created a collaborative online learning community on Moodle (LMS) to share resources and materials from the Institute training. Moreover, the online platform can be utilized for questions, as well as sharing resources and best practices.

The purpose of our online learning community is to provide the structure, resources, and information to support the mission of The Institute. Our online learning community is designed to help us clarify our professional development needs; sustain interaction; and engage in assessment and evaluation.  In a nutshell, this is a professional space wherein Institute Members will use it as:

  • “Gathering” space  to engage in lively discussions, problem-solve, and share resources
  • Discussing emerging topics and innovative ideas pertaining to quality transition practice
  • Planning and organizing Transitions Institute gatherings
  • Teambuilding – strengthening group relationships
  • Professional Networking across North Carolina
  • Learning spaces
  • Information sharing- a place to share files and ideas
  • Work spaces for focus group and data collection activities



Our pledge to you

Welcome to your online destination for your Money Follows the Person (MFP) program training.  This website and training content was created and developed by a team of graduate students under the tutelage of Dr. Tuere Bowles of NCSU’s College of Education after being envisioned and initiated by Trish Farnham, MFP Program Director.  This pilot project represents what happens when good-hearted people work together with shared goals.  These shared goals and objectives are listed on the homepage and center on giving you the tools to be able to perform your job even better than yesterday.

At first glance, you will notice the mission statement, which is our contract to you.  Next, you will see an events calendar and a registration link.  Bookmark this in your mind as you visit The Training Institute’s three training modules: Quality Transition Training, Motivational Behavior Training, and Person-Centered Training.  You will find course agendas, training site directions, and training dates/times.  Another value-add to the website is the training evaluation feedback tools, as well as the ability to share unanticipated consumer or training issues, network with your colleagues, and find real solutions in real-time by the MFP program staff.

Most importantly, you will have and contact information of trainers, key MFP partners, and MFP program staff.  This website was designed for you and we hope you find it meaningful in your daily work lives.  Our pledge to you is to create a professional, active, and engaging learning community.