About Us

In collaboration with its community partners, the NC Department of Health and Human Services will soon launch a pilot initiative that provides a collective learning opportunity for professionals who assist individuals with long-term care needs to transition from facility settings to their homes and communities. The NC Community Transitions Institute (“The Institute”) will create a learning community among participating transition coordinators, care managers, care coordinators, discharge planners, options counselors and others in order to collectively deepen the skills and approaches necessary to best ensure a quality transition. If the Institute pilot proves to be an effective, scalable method for supporting the learning of professionals involved in transition work, the Department will develop a strategy for the Institute’s long-term sustainability.

The Institute goals and objectives include:

  • Piloting a learning opportunity that:
    • Includes quality content immediately relevant to the practice of supporting a transitioning individual;
    • Strengthens Institute members’ knowledge of and utilization of person-centered practices and motivational interviewing techniques;
    • Determines which training methods/approaches are most effective in conveying practical application of information and fostering collaboration among Institute members.
    • Collect clear data on the efficacy of the Institute and clear recommendations for improvements, including both content and approach

For additional information about why the Department is piloting the Institute concept, please see the “Background” section within this announcement

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